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Story begins...

Saturday, 11 June 2011 07:54

The story begins when I first came to the USA and stayed 3 weeks in my uncle house in Seattle, Washington. Seattle is so green! It’s a city with high amount of rain and snow in year and if I’d like to tell the truth, actually they can only see the sun for 3 weeks in the middle of summer for the whole of the year! Thus it’s not weird the city and around it are covered with trees and plants as well as the jungles which are so dense, intact and wild! Fortunately, my trip was exactly in the same time that the sun showed up and I decided to enjoy it before it burns most of the bushes and plants. At this time the only negative effects of the sun are on the humidity of air as well as burning any plant that’s not in the shade while the sun is in the sky. Only in the few days, most of the plants burn and by vaporizing too much water from lakes, rivers, plants, etc. the humidity raises a lot and it causes so hot, humid and heavy weather in the evenings. Anyway, the beauties of emerald city made me to take wonderful pics and share them with you.

In Seattle you can see the beauty anywhere, look how the sculpture in the picture collects all your attention and the flowers on the top and in front of it made the scene so smooth and pleasant! Excellent architecture along with nice decoration, provide you perfect view. Every single part of the composition is talking to you and does it task best! The combination of the old architecture with modernism, rocks and plants, bricks and sculpture and the creative mind which put them all together are awesome! The composition of the photo makes you to linger more on all these beauties and enjoy them deeply!

It’s not unreasonable which Seattle called emerald city! During spring and summer everywhere is green. Can you see how dense the trees are? In addition of rich natural environment, most houses are made of wood which make its view perfect. City and the wild nature are in close relation together here, especially in the small cities in the suburb of Seattle such Sammamish that I even heard it’s not so wired if you see a deer in your back yard early morning during spring and summer time!

There are Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish Close to the city, Lake Washington is much bigger and exactly beside Seattle but Lake Sammamish is surrounded by Bellevue, Redmond and Sammamish cities. In addition, there is a nice pond inside Sammamish which called Evanscreek Pond and I used to go there. The pond and the natural area around it were so beautiful and completely wild and quiet!

In the photo below, the vivid green leaves and their nice composition, cause you feel fresh. As you can see, most of the leaves are new and therefore their color deeply affects you. By the way, green is my favorite color and same as many people it always makes me relaxed. The composition forces you to look at the two main points in the picture and your eyes move from the left lower corner to the right upper corner of the pic. All together, they provide you beautiful, vivid and live picture to enjoy it more and more!

Can you feel something strange about this pic? Can you find it? You may think I edited the photo to look like it! So what if I tell you the original photo is exactly the same and I just adjusted the colors? It’s a little complicated, isn’t it? You need to be so smart to find it in the first look! First of all, it looks like a painting and obviously, it’s so easy to make a pic such painting by using photoshop filters. But the point is I didn’t use any filter on this one! Ok, I give you some clues, look at the top right corner of the picture, notice how strangely the leaves and branches of bushes are pointing downward from the sky! What are those unusual things on the pic? It’s the time for revealing the secret, the photo actually is a picture of the image from sky, clouds and trees on the water of pond! So those odd things are some leaves which are floating on water. The water was so clear, so it acted exactly such a mirror. Now that you know the secret, don’t you think it’s so pretty?!

Nice shot, do you think so? The combination of the colors are amazing. The redness of the leaves look likes fire and it creates fantastic view while its background is the green color from other trees and the blue sky is shining between its branches. Actually, It’s one of my favorite pic that I took in Seattle and every time I look at it, it makes me feel excited.


It’s another photo of these amazing trees! It’s not just beautiful, it’s full of peace. The combination of the colors, the form of the branch along with red leaves which came downward from the top right corner to the bottom left corner and main focus on this branch with the low depth of field, created the nice and pleasant view. And in addition, it reminds me the memory when I was taking it. There was a car in the street which when she saw me; stopped completely and waited a few minutes and let me take the picture without any rush. Then shook her hand for me and left! I don’t know how, but for me it seems I can feel her nice job in the photo. So beside its terrific composition, there is a feeling in this picture which makes me smile every time that I’m looking at it!

It’s one of my exciting shots in Seattle. I love it; you can even feel the leaves in your monitor! What feeling does it make inside you? I bet you like it, same as me! So always remember it, If you look at the area around you more carefully, you may find such nice scenes, too. A good photographer first is a good observer! Look at the position of its fruit in the picture, notice to the form of leaves in the lower one third of the photo! It seems they are inviting you to come closer and touch them. The hot red fruit collects all your attention to itself and your eyes unintentionally stop on it! They create the feeling inside you which you would like to taste it!

One of the most attractive and amazing places for visiting close to Seattle is this huge waterfall which attracts many people every day. The waterfall and the nature around it is so beautiful and fantastic, such as these nice flowers in front of the waterfall which made smooth and pleasant views. It’s so nice when you are sightseeing these beautiful scenes while listening to the waterfall. It seems the white silky curtain of water covers the harsh cliffs and the ground hides itself by the green carpet of water along with bushes. The tall trees have raised to the sky and are observing any movement from the top!

And at the end, the water droplets which are dancing on air, going up and down, left and right, join together and separate, sit on the broad range of roaring river, fly and dance again and finally come down and join to the green floor of the river for listening to the great appreciations and turning to audience of the other droplets dances while are continuing their trip! Deep blue and green are combined together to bring you peace and equilibrium.

What is fine art photography?

Saturday, 29 September 2012 00:43
I am going to talk a little about artistic photography and the world of fine arts!
What does consider as an artistic photo? How we can make it? Does taking a picture consider an art? And finally, what is fine art photography and who does considar an artist?

How many times did you ask these question from yourself when you shoot a photo by your camera, no matter it is most professional new released DSLR camera or just the camera of your cellphone. If you are like me, countless times! I still ask these question from myself during and after every single photography which I do! Finding the suitable answer for these questions is the first step in taking professioanl and artistic photos, I believe! 
As we know, photography and taking pictures can have many uses. But generally, there are two different approaches to the photography which have absolutely two different goals. These approaches are factual, which is based on record keeping such as identification photos, memorial photos, medical photos, etc., and the artistic one! Unless the factual approach, the artistic approach is based on expressing feelings, emotions, and opinions by interpreting the existing facts, not just showing them in the way they really are! 

Fine art photo by Mani Pirouzbakht

When your goal of photography is just recording the facts that you see, exactly in the same way they exist, we call it as record keeping! Because it is just a record for archive, a single moment which happend in the real life and your photo is a proof of it! Thus, in the record keeping, the goal of the photographer is to record a place, an event, a person, or an object. In the real life, we need these picture to show others that we were witnesses of these happenings, places, persons, facts, etc. and they are really exist exactly in the way we record them!
Instead, art is not concerned with record keeping. Art is concerned with expressing emotions, feelings and opinion through a visual harmony called composition, rather than only showing the facts in the way they exist and every one can see them! In the other words, record keeping is based on fact, and is concerned with capturing reality and recording things as they are, so it's called factual. But art is a non factual concept and is concerned with interpreting reality rather than capturing reality as is.

Therefore, record keeping is a necessity of our life, something our society is based on it and we use it every day, in our office badge, in the news and so on! But art is not a necessity! Art is something we want, not something we need. That is the matter!
Now that we know a little about these two approaches, we can go furture and look at them by more professional view. In the world of professional photography there is a main difference between record keeping and artistic photo! Record keeping is about the subject of photograph, not about the person who took it. Instead an artistic photograph is about the response of the photographer to the subject of the photograph. Thus, in artistic photography, it is first about the person who takes the photograph and then it is about the subject. It means the personality of the photographer must be present in the image for artistic photograph to have value! 

Fine art portrait by Mani Pirouzbakht

Finally we get to the point to talk about artistic photography, or if we want to talk more professioanlly, the fine art photography! Fine art photography generally has three aspects. We know about thow of them and now we are going to know all of them and talk about them one by one!
The fine art photography is first about the artist, second the subject and third the techniques. These consider as three main aspects of every fine art photo! Thus, it means first you need to be an artist and know what considers art! That is the answer for one of our questions! Only taking picture does not make some one artist who has a camera! In the art of photography, necessarily, the composition is the vessel which artist put his or her art on it and present it to the others. So, to be consider an artist you need to be the master of composition, or else, you would be just a photographer or a person with a camera not an artist!
Next, you need to know what shoot at it! It's different from person to person, based on the fields anyone has chosen to work on it by its own interest. But  it is very important to choose you subject very carefully to represent your true emotions and you can make a harmony with them. You really need to go out and find something to shoot at them which truly can show your emotions. Luck just has a little to do with it, and just does a little favor for you, and not always!

The Road_ Fine art picture by Mani Pirouzbakht

And the last, but not least, you need to be great master of techniques for the moments you are going to create an art. It's completely essential that you know for any kind of subjects and each kind of composition, what techniques should be used to accompany your goal of taking that picture and it has two parts!
One part includes the techniques in the time of photography, such as light metric, macro, movement, portraits, etc.
And the most important part is the essential knowledge and skills in editing photos to adjust any, I repeat, any aspect of mechanical captured photograph exactly based on your true emotions! It means you need to adjust any color, any light, shadow, subject, etc., based on your emotions, in the way it should be! NOT ONLY PRESENT IT IN THE WAY A MECHANICAL DEVICE RECORDED IT! Camera is just a tool for an artist, so it can never take the artist place in creating art, no matter how expensive it is! And be aware, even the best cameras of the world change what you are seeing with your eyes at least in eight different ways!