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About me

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  The Mani Galleries website opened first at 2010 as the online gallery of Mani Pirouzbakht's photos for public visiting. After a while it turned to be professional photography website and by passing time, the site improved by more efforts, more photos, categorizing them along with writing brief description for each pic, as well as running a photo blog and writing photography articles in it. Therefore, now it is Mani's official website to show his works to buyers and those who are interested in his arts.

  As a professional photographer, Mani has focused on the fine art photography and divided his works into two different categories! First one is nature photography and related areas. Therefore, you may find many photos of nature scenes on the website. Second one, that's the field he is working on it recently, it is known as social and cultural fine art photography! Since 2012, he has absorbed to this new field strongly and right now it is his main field of photography. 

  Please feel free to write a line any time if you have any question regard the website and no need to remind that the photos on the site are for sale. Thus, if you are interested in any, please contact us directly or through the website, address the pic and mention your desirable image size to negotiate about the price.


"Photography is my eye to see what I want to see and feel it all in my every bone!"

     Mani Pirouzbakht
 Fine Art Photographer
   Direct Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
           Cell Phone: (+1) 760-201-6399 

About me

  • mani
    I'm Mani Pirouzbakht, fine art photographer in Arizona, USA.
    I love to share my passion in art of photography with you by my photos and photography articles which I put in the website. 
    Please feel free to contact me directly, if you are interested in my works or have any question.  
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it